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Rain Harvesting

A common misconception about collecting rainwater is that all you need is a roof, a tank and some rain. This approach results in a substandard system that won't provide good quality water, or fail to deliver the volume of water you require.


We can provide a turn-key option for you including a pump specifically sized for your needs, and filtration to compliment the Rain Harvesting system including UV optioned units to ensure the safest drinking water possible. We carefully design each system to suit your requirement's, allowing for factors such as pollution, roof catchment area, demand for system, trees and obstructions, best location for tank and harvesting system etc. All these factors will determine how well the system will operate.

We only use the best components in our Rain Harvesting systems. All products used have gone through extensive R&D and designed specifically for NZ conditions. From small residential installations through to commercial grade harvesting, we can supply and install the perfect Rain Harvesting system for your needs, just give us a call to discuss. 

Want to know more? Check out the content below for a better idea on what we do, and what Core Plumbing mean by a proper Rain Harvesting system. Don't be fooled by others saying the can design a better system, they cant! If you want the best, you'll need Core Plumbing Services. 

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