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Blocked Drain Experts

At Core Plumbing, we have a dedicated truck and state of the art equipment to tackle any blocked drain, cctv inspection, or service locating within the wider Bay of Plenty. Our truck is fully equipped with the latest technology including an onboard pto driven hydro jetter that's powerful enough to destroy any blockage. Our maintenance team are available for emergency call outs 24/7. 


Services We Provide 


Blocked Drains

We have specialised equipment onboard to deal with smaller blockages including Toilets, Showers, Urinals, Vanities, Kitchens, Gully Traps and more. Our equipment can clear these blockages with minimal noise and mess, making for fast cleanup and sanitisation. 


Hydro Jetting

For more stubborn blockages, we have a powerful onboard jetting unit that can provide over 5000psi of water pressure to cut through any blockage. Sewer blockages, Roots, Storm Water, Trade waste, Grease traps, we can clear them all. Water jetting is a more effective and damage free method as apposed to drain snakes. 


Drainage Inspections

Do you have drainage issues? We take out the guesswork by using our state of the art camera and locating equipment to visually check the condition of your pipework and locate any potential issues or breaks in the system. This can save time and money when trying to diagnose a potential problem. 


Service Locating

Our specialised equipment includes service locating tools that help else easily identify in-ground services including Gas, Electricity, Fibre, Sewer & Storm Water lines and much more. We take out the guess work before digging or building and locate all relative services for you before work begins. So if you're looking to build, renovate, trench or dig, give us a call and we can take care of the locating for you. 


Pre Purchase CCTV

We offer a special package for customers looking to purchase a home or commercial property. A building inspection will only inform you of issues above the ground, what about below? That's where we come in. We camera the drainage below the ground to check the condition and pipe material, providing a full report and schematic of the sewer & storm water systems. 


Drain Maintenance 

We Recommend annual checks on your drainage systems to ensure good operation and condition. Most blockages or pipe damage are caused by bad maintenance and neglect of the drains. We can organise yearly visits to check your sewer and storm water lines and clear any roots, grease or debris to ensure perfect operation. This not only saves you money longterm, but allows us to keep everything in the best condition possible. 


Our pricing includes a call out fee and the first hour of labour.

All rates below are exclusive of GST. 

Travel Rates : $1.65 / Km (This covers fuel and road user charges)

Jetting & Camera Services

$350 First Hour 

$90 P/Hr after first hour

This includes use of our Jetter Truck and Camera equipment on-site to investigate and clear blockages, routine maintenance, descale and or root clearing. 

Locating Services

$350 First Hour 

$90 P/Hr after first hour

This includes initial setup and site prep with our on-board locating equipment to safely locate water, gas, fibre, telecom and/or power. We also have thermal imaging equipment to locate internal leaks and weather proofing issues. 

Pre Purchase Inspection


Includes a full report and service drawing for your records. We will provide information on pipe material used, condition, location, design and efficiency. This provides some piece of mind when purchasing your next home or investment property. 

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